What did you say?
Alexander Herzen

“Do you truly wish to condemn all human beings alive today to the sad role of caryatids supporting a floor for others some day to dance on?” — 1847

- Alexander Herzen

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Conversations on Communism

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This podcast series is co-produced by Elinor Taylor (Westminster) and Henry Stead.
Transcripts of the podcasts are available by following the links below.

    1. Frank Walbank: Polybius and Communism — An interview with Robert Lister (KCL).
    2. Cultures of Communism — Side A / Side B — An interview with Prof. Colin Chambers (Kingston).
    3. Jack Lindsay: From the Wild Surf — An interview with Helen Lindsay.
    4. George Thomson: Aeschylus and Communism — Side A / Side B — An interview with Prof. Richard Seaford (Exeter) and Dr. Ben Harker (Manchester).
    5. Communism and Jazz —  Side A / Side B — An interview with Prof. Kevin Morgan and Brian Blain.

Left in Translation

These recordings may be in any modern language, although Russian and English will (at first) loom largest. They are translations of the ancient Greek and Roman classics made either by left wing translators, or created/published under communism. These two categories are not always mutually exclusive. If you would like to contribute by adding your voice to the collection, please get in touch!